About Us

We are a Veteran-Owned Business.

Our ownership team includes:
Jay Moberly, 12 years Army National Guard
Dan Decker, (Deceased) 8 years Army and
Dave McCarty, 34 years Army National Guard

About Our Mead

We seek to source our local providers:

The best meads are made from fresh fruit and raw honey.

The mead is aged on the lees for 9-12 months in an ambient temperature range of 65-75 degrees before bottling.

Making mead the Old-School way- the simplest way the head mead maker has developed over the last 35 years.

What We Don’t Use

All of the below additives are things put into wine without your knowledge.
Great Mead Hall does not add any of these contaminates:

Acacia (gum arabic)
Activated carbon
Albumen (egg white)
Alumino-silicates (hydrated) Bentonite (Wyoming clay) and Kaolin
Ammonium phosphate (mono- and di basic)
Ascorbic acid iso-ascorbic acid (erythorbic acid)
Aspergillus aculeatus
Calcium carbonate (with or without calcium salts of tartaric and malic acids):
Calcium pantothenate:
Carbon dioxide (including food grade dry ice)
Any Carbon Dioxide in the mead is from the fermentation process
Carbohydrase (alpha-Amylase)
Carbohydrase (beta-Amylase)
Carbohydrase (Glucoamylase, Amylogluco-sidase)
Carbohydrase (pectinase, cellulase, hemicellulase)
Casein, potassium salt of casein
Cellulase (beta-glucanase)
Citric acid
Copper sulfate
Defoaming agents (polyoxyethylene 40 monostearate, silicon dioxide, dimethylpoly-siloxane, sorbitan monostearate, glyceryl mono-oleate and glyceryl dioleate)
Dimethyl dicarbonate
Ethyl maltol
Ferrocyanide compounds
Fumaric acid
Gelatin (food grade)
Glucose oxidase
Granular cork
Malic acid
Malo-lactic bacteria
Milk products (pasteurized whole, skim, or half-and-half)
Nitrogen gas
Oak chips or particles, uncharred and untreated
Oxygen and compressed air
Polyvinyl-polypyr-rolidone (PVPP)
Potassium bitartrate
Potassium carbonate and/or potassium bicarbonate
Potassium citrate
Potassium meta-bisulfite
Protease (general)
Protease (Bromelin)
Protease (Ficin)
Protease (Papain)
Protease (Pepsin)
Protease (Trypsin)
Sorbic acid and potassium salt of sorbic acid
Soy flour (defatted)
Sulfur dioxide
Tartaric acid
Thiamine hydrochloride
Yeast, cell wall/membranes of autolyzed yeast
Yeast, autolyzed